Healthy Athletes Program

The Special Olympics Healthy Athletes program provides free health screenings, educational resources and teaches preventative care to athletes in six areas. Healthy Athletes is designed to improve each athletes ability to train and compete by providing resources to advance their overall quality of health and reinforce the importance of developing a healthy lifestyle. 

HA_Icon_Fit_Feet_1-Colour.jpgFit Feet (podiatry)
Clinical Directors
Dr. Kurt Rode
Dr. Neal Zomback 

HA_Icon_FUNFitness_1-Color.jpgFUNfitness (physical therapy)
Clinical Directors
Heidi Adamski, PT, MS 
Colleen Langlais, PT, MS 

HA_Icon_Health_Promotion_1-Color.jpgHealth Promotion (better health and well-being)
Clinical Director
Carol Flaim, RN 

HA_Icon_Healthy_Hearing_1-Color.jpgHealthy Hearing (audiology)
Clinical Director
Dr. Thomas Hinchey 

HA_Icon_Opening_Eyes_1-Color.jpgOpening Eyes (vision)
Global Clinical Advisor
Dr. Susan Danberg
Clinical Director
Dr. Chris Agro 

HA_Icon_Special_Smiles_1-Color.jpgSpecial Smiles (dentistry)
Clinical Director
Dr. Deb Redford-Badwal 


  • Despite a mistaken belief that people with intellectual disabilities receive the same or better health care than others, they typically receive substandard care, or virtually no health care at all. 
  • Healthy Athletes has the world's largest database of health data for people with intellectual disabilities. 
  • Through Healthy Athletes, more than 100,000 health care professionals have been trained to treat people with intellectual disabilities. These health care professionals provide improved care to millions. 
  • Special Olympics has given out more than 90,000 pairs of prescription eyeglasses to athletes who needed them. 

For more information on Special Olympics Connecticut health programs, please contact:

Caitlin Daikus
Coordinator, Healthy Communities
203-230-1201, ext. 238