Become a Volunteer

Special Olympics Connecticut could not exist today if not for the time, energy, and dedication of thousands of volunteers. Close to 10,000 volunteers dedicate their time to help children and adults with intellectual disabilities achieve their dreams annually here in our state.

Who Can Become a Volunteer?
Our volunteers are students, seniors, business groups, professionals, civic organization members, families, amateur and professional athletes and coaches, to name a few. In other words, ANYONE CAN GET INVOLVED!

How Do I Register?
It depends on what type of Volunteer you wish to become.

We have two types of volunteers:

  • Class B or "Day Of" Volunteers - "Day Of" volunteers present awards to athletes, escort athletes, keep score or time events, and make announcements, among other responsibilities. All of these activities take place the day of the sporting or fundraising event. 

  • This is a great opportunity for individuals who want a small time commitment. All volunteers are given a brief orientation the morning of the event. All volunteer positions are easy to experience is necessary; however, you must be at least 15 years of age, or accompanied by an adult.

To sign up for an event as a Class B volunteer click here.

  • Class A Volunteers - Anyone who has direct contact with athletes or is in a position of authority, supervision or trust of athletes or handles substantial amounts of cash or other assets for Special Olympics needs to register as a Class A volunteer. 

  • Examples of Class A volunteers include Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Chaperones, Medical Personnel, Security Personnel, Board Members, and Unified Sports® Partners.

To become a Class A volunteer, you must first contact Katie York at or 203-230-1201 ext. 224 or be in contact with a Local Program Coordinator to find an appropriate assignment.

The next step is to complete the Class A Volunteer Application (paper version) or Class A Volunteer Application (web version).

If you are under the age of 18, fill out Minor Class A Application (paper version) or Minor Class A Application (web version) All Class A Volunteers aged 18 and above also need to take the Protective Behaviors Training. All Class A requirements must be updated e very three years.

To find a Special Olympics local program in or near your town, please view our local program profiles (organized by county) here.

If you have any questions or would like additional information about Class A or Class B volunteers, please contact:

Katie York
(203) 230-1201, ext. 224.