Fit 5

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What is Fit 5?

Fit 5 is designed to educate athletes on how fitness, nutrition and hydration impact overall athletic performance. Athletes enrolled in the eight-week program are trained using a comprehensive wellness curriculum that empowers them to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Fit 5 focuses on three main wellness areas:

  •  Physical Activity
  •  Nutrition 
  •  Hydration

Goals include:

  •  Exercise 5 days every week
  •  Eat 5 fruits and vegetables every day 
  •  Drink 5 bottles of water every day 

How Coaches help athletes through the Fit 5 program:

  •  Educate athletes on ways to improve their overall athletic performance
  •  Empower athletes to make healthier lifestyle choices by setting goals
  •  Serve as a health and fitness resource to athletes
  • Implement Fit 5 information at practices